Life is hard enough without your telco complicating it. 

We like things simple, flexible and worry-free.

4G Big data plans that rollover* at one price.

*Rollover unused data when you recharge your plan up to 1,000GB

Why Live.On


Power to use your data in any way you want

You deserve the freedom and flexibility to use your data for all apps, networks and time bands. No more cheap tricks!

Phone Speed

Power to use your data without compromised speed

Don’t settle for compromised experience. Enjoy uncompromised speed data for all your browsing and streaming needs.

Power to stay connected even when data runs out

Got no data left? Take it easy, you’ll still have your internet connection. We’ll throw in an Emergency Quota to help you stay connected.

Power to customize your data plan according to your needs

Need more data? Talktimes? SMS? Roaming? You can just activate Add-Ons on top of your monthly plan.

Unlock your true
data power now.


Want to know why Live.On is the perfect telco for you?

Before we tell you why Live.On is the best, which of these situations did you hate the most with your previous provider?

  • Complicated multiple quotas
  • It says unlimited, but the speed is compromised
  • Shock pulsa decreased when quota is running out
  • Overpriced quota
  • Auto subscription to premium SMS or RBT
  • Wasted random unnecessary app quotas


No one wants to spend more time thinking about their telco.


Live.on is here with simple, flexible and worry-free 25GB and 50GB 4G plans. One big quota, no messy business. That way you can do more, get more value and get your live on!

Such Simplicity

One big unlimited quota, 4G speed, no restrictions!

You deserve the freedom to use your mobile data any time, network, apps and with no speed compromises. 


Multiple quotas is so yesterday. Removing the unnecessary limits on your quota? That’s the future with Live.On.

The others will restrict you with midnight data, 3G data, 4G data,
video data, music data, Social media data, etc. What a pain in the neck!

Much Flexibility

Data rollover, our no data wasted policy

Still have data leftover on your plan? Have your leftover data carried over to your next cycle when you recharge. 


Up to 1,000GB can be rolled over with your Live.On plan. How’s that for flexibility?

The others will give you random unnecessary multiple quotas that most likely will be wasted.
Even your main quota will not be carried over.

So Easy

Fully digital

Order your SIM Card from Live.On online. Control and customize your Live.On experience and reach our 100% human happiness experts through one app.


It’s 2020. Why should you queue in person when you can do it all digitally?


The others will need you to go to a store to get a SIM card, Not to mention
having in a long queue situation to deal with customer service.



We don’t want to brag, but we’re barely a year old and people love us.

#1 Youth Choice Digital Telco

(Marketeers Youth Choice Award 2020, BRAND DIGITAL TELKO PILIHAN ANAK MUDA)

#1 Happiest Customers

99% satisfaction for customer enquiries 


Excellent Shopee Experience

Rated 4.7/5.0 stars



Our fans are on-the-go, bold, and digitally-savvy. Here’s why Live.On is made for them.

Hannah, Mompreneur

Live.On’s one price, one quota is perfect for me. It’s flexible and allows me to focus fully on running my business and living my life, instead of counting quotas and figuring out pulsa. With 50GB, I don’t have to worry.

Why Live.On
Why Live.On Stream

Dia, Livestreamer


Reliable data connection in my area compared to all other telcos makes Live.On perfect for conducting and watching live streaming. It’s flexible allowing me to add-on anytime and rollover of my main quota means I can use what I’ve bought next month.

Aldi, Aspiring Musician


I hate multiple quotas. It’s so complicated. Live.On has made that history. 25GB is perfect for my digital lifestyle to stream music on Spotify, connect and be inspired by other creatives on Instagram and YouTube.

Why Live.On Music



Why Live.On is the best provider for me?


We’re serious when we say we’re the future of digital telcos that gives power back to your own hands.

We’re powered by your choices and feedback. We listen to our users and make hard choices on what makes the best experience for them possible.

  • Said no to pulsa and multiple quotas after decoding user insight
  • Launched GoPay after a survey with 400 users
  • Created a referral system where you and your friends get rewarded

This is a telco where you get what you give. Refer a friend or stick with us longer? We’ve surprises in store for you.

We’re the first digital provider to give you full control over how you use your mobile data.


With Live.On supporting all your digital needs, you can now enjoy unlimited quota, monthly data rollover and fully digital services. Live.On is also powered by XL Axiata, giving you full access to the XL Axiata network for your browsing, downloading and streaming needs.

XL 4.5G


What are you waiting for? Let’s get your SIM card now
and enjoy being the boss of your telco.
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