1. This 7GB bonus quota is valid for all Live.On customers who renew their plans starting from October 5th 2020 to 30 April 2021.
  2. This 7GB bonus data will be given with the following schedules:
    • For customers who renew any of the Live.On plans within the 1st and 15th of every month, the 7GB bonus will be given on the 20th of the same month.
    • For customers who renew any of the Live.On plans between the 16th and 31st of every month, the 7GB bonus data will be given on the 3rd of the next month.
    • The 7GB bonus data can be used for all apps, networks and timebands.
    • The leftover 7GB bonus data cannot be rollovered to the next month.


  1. These General Terms and Conditions apply to all Live.On Prepaid Sim card customers. Each Live.On product can have its own terms and conditions. If there is a difference between these general terms and conditions and the terms and conditions of each product, the terms and conditions of each product apply.
  2. Live.On services are provided through the XL network and other networks owned by other operators who collaborate with XL inside and outside Indonesia. Live.On service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week after the customer registers for prepaid services. Every time a customer can contact Customer Service, a call to Customer Service is charged.
  3. Credit is not a payment instrument as a substitute for money.
  4. The imposition of the rate in question is the reduction of credit owned by Live.On customers
  5. Tariffs are based on tariff structures that have been regulated by the government in accordance with applicable regulations and are listed on www.LiveOn.id and in other media.
  6. Tariff Imposition in question is the exchange or reduction or charging of the remaining Live.On customer credit.
  7. Live.On has the right to change tariffs, packages and programs for Live.On products.
  8. Live.On views customer experience as an important matter, therefore it is important for Live.On to ensure that all Live.On customers can access or use our services. Live.On will apply the Terms and Conditions to ensure that all customers get the same opportunity to enjoy Live.On services. These Terms and Conditions are made to protect those who might be affected by some customers who use services or products for activities other than intended use or not for individual use. In ensuring all customers are entitled to a pleasant experience, all Live.On customers will only use services or products for personal / individual use, and are not permitted to:
    1. Distribute, send or post junk mail, SMS and multi-media messages such as MMS, video, chain letters, unsolicited mass messages, spam or duplicate or unwanted messages (commercial or non-commercial) that contain political messages, fraudulent messages, offers fake promotions, promotional advertisements, financial loans, recruitment or other types of misuse of messages;
    2. Sending text messages in the form of SMS indiscriminately or simultaneously to a number of cellular phones where the text messages are not for personal use and are intended for but not limited to all forms of political messages, advertisements, fraud, marketing or promotional purposes;
    3. Making unusual phone call patterns that are not consistent with normal, individual usage, for example, regular short-duration calls to several numbers in a short period of time or misuse of other calls;
    4. Distributing, sending, or posting material or information that is inappropriate, disrespectful, defamatory, violating, containing pornography, harassment, threatening, harassing, violating applicable regulations, using inappropriate language and / or material or information that violates the law;
    5. Advertise or offer to sell or buy goods and services for non-personal purposes;
    6. Distribute letters to other parties without permission to distribute;
    7. Collect and / or disseminate information about other people or their email addresses without the consent of the person concerned;
    8. Submitting or uploading information or material containing viruses, worms, Trojan horses, time bombs, canceling bots or other programs that are dangerous, destructive or destructive;
    9. Sell or provide Live.On services to third parties without written approval from Live.On;
    10. Using Live.On services with devices other than your cellular phone or other means that negatively impact or disrupt Live.On services or networks;
    11. Using Live.On services that have a negative influence on the XL network or the customer’s experience becomes disrupted in accessing Live.On services, disrupts network security or capacity, is not reasonable, exclusive and disproportionately contributing to congestion, adversely affecting network service levels or legal data flow, reduce network performance, cause interference with the network or other customers;
    12. Use of Live.On services for illegal or illegal purposes, including use that violates applicable regulations;
    13. The use of Live.On services especially Data services in various ways that defeat or obstruct, disrupt XL networks or systems, including but not limited to malicious software or “malware” designed, intentionally or unintentionally, to infiltrate network or computer systems such as spyware, worms, Trojan horses, rootkits, and / or crimeware: “denial of service” attacks against network hosts or individual users, and “spam” or unsolicited commercial or mass e-mails (activities that have the effect of facilitating unsolicited commercial e-mails or unsolicited bulk email);
  9. Live.On will maintain the network with its best efforts and will repair any damage or disruption to the Live.On network as soon as possible. 
  10. Each Live.On starter pack has a limited active period. The validity period of the starter pack Live.On starts once any Live.On plans are activated. The active period will follow the active period of specific Live.On plans.
  11. The grace period of the Live.On starter pack is 30 (thirty) days from the end of the active period. With the expiration of the grace period, the Live.On SIM Card along with the remaining credit and the data package in it will expire, and the Live.On number attached to the Live.On SIM Card can no longer be used
  12. Customers are responsible for their own Live.On SIM Card and are obliged to keep the SIM Card under their responsibility. All costs associated with using the Live.On SIM Card will be the customer’s responsibility including arrears in fines and / or other additional costs, as well as taxes that will be charged to the customer’s number. Customers are also responsible for fees if someone else uses a SIM card.
  13. Customers can immediately report to Live.On Customer Service by phone or in writing if the Live.On SIM Card is lost or stolen, and Live.On will immediately block the Live.On SIM Card. Any costs or use of the SIM Card prior to receiving the customer’s report will be the full responsibility of the customer. Customers have the right to replace a lost or damaged Live.On SIM card and Live.On has the right to charge administrative fees and other fees that apply to the replacement of the Live.On SIM card.
  14. Live.On has the right to suspend or deactivate Live.On / Live.On service numbers, terminate the contract, or to block at any time without prior notification to the Customer, if:
    1. Live.On has detected an interruption in Live.On services or other customers caused by the events referred to in paragraph 8 above.
    2. There are reports of complaints from other customers regarding interruptions such as SMS spamming, junk mail, or fraud.
    3. The customer has used a fake or false identity or used another person’s identity illegally.
    4. Customers, fail to renew their plan within the period according to each package / program after the expiration date.
    5. There is a request from the authorized agency / government.
    6. There are indications of misuse of the Live.On SIM Card in any way that is harmful to the Live.On network or other customers.
    7. The customer has violated the Terms and Conditions.
    8. The customer is declared by law, in a state of bankruptcy.
    9. The customer has passed away (at the request of the heir).
  15. Live.On is not responsible for claims, obligations and / or compensation related to the use of Live.On SIM Cards or services, for damages that occur as a result of misuse of cards by other parties who are not responsible, Force Majeure, use of fixed networks or infrastructure or other equipment related to the service provided, for physical injury, illness, health risk or other damage incurred to the customer or to others. If there is a dispute between Live. On and the customer, the parties agree to settle the deliberation and consensus. 
  16. Live.On SIM Card Migration will be carried out by Live.On after all customer requirements have been fulfilled.
  17. Terms and Conditions can be changed by Live.On at any time, where such changes will be informed at www. LiveOn.id or in other media.
  18. By accessing and / or subscribing to the Services contained on the Site, you have agreed to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of Service and you have agreed to use the Service in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations in Indonesia. If you do not want to abide by the Terms and Conditions of Service contained on this Site, you are prohibited from using or accessing the Services contained on this Site. Live.On can change the Service Terms and Conditions at any time and this change will take effect when the changes are posted on the Site. By using the services contained on the Site means that you have an agreement between you and Live.On, and you are required to learn the Terms and Conditions of Service periodically by accessing this Site.
  19. Your use of this Site is subject to the laws and regulations in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. You guarantee that you will only use the Site and Services contained on the Site in accordance with the Terms of Use and / or the Terms and Conditions of Service and / or in accordance with the laws and regulations in force in Indonesia. You agree to release and / or protect Live.On from all claims or other party’s claims regarding but not limited to things that may occur in connection with (1) your use of the Site and / or the Services contained on the Site; and / or (2) violations of the Terms of Use of the Site and / or the Terms and Conditions for Services contained on this Site.
  20. International Roaming services outside Indonesia are available in certain countries.  Live.On has the right at Live.On’s discretion to determine which customers are eligible for the International Roaming Service.
  21. This site may provide links to other parties’ sites. The link does not show that Live.On agrees and is responsible for the content of the other party’s site. You acknowledge and agree that Live.On hereby is not responsible for the content or other material available on the other party’s site