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Live.On SIM card is available to order online via Live.On’s website or app, as well as Shopee. Here is the step by step guide to order our SIM card via our website:

  1. Head over to the Product page and choose the plan of your choice and click ‘Buy plan
  2. Enter a promo code if you have one to get a special discount. If not, you can skip it. 
  3. Add any Add-Ons of your choice. If not, you can skip it. 
  4. Choose your number.
  5. Fill in your personal details to set up an account. 
  6. Fill in your delivery address details and choose your Delivery time slot.
  7. Review your order details and choose your payment method.
  8. Complete  payment.
BOOM – Your SIM card will be on the way. You can always track your delivery status in the Shopee app.

Emergency Quota consists of a 3GB bonus data with a controlled speed (128kbps) which will be active when you finish your data quota while the plan is still active. So, no need to fret of being disconnected. Emergency Quota is ready to keep you ‘alive’ and connected.

  To hop back on the full speed train, you can use this time to activate 1-5GB of Data Add-On on your app.

Simply click that beautiful blue button with a “Renew plan” written on it besides your plan validity information on the app dashboard. You’ll be directed to our ecomm page.


  1. Choose the plan of your choice.
  2. Add any Add-On of your choice/
  3. Confirm your order summary, choose a payment method and complete your payment.
  4. BOOM! Your plan will be automatically renewed once the payment is completed.

First of all, you’ll be staying connected even when you run out of data, all thanks to the Emergency Quota that comes with your Live.On plan! Once quota is finished, 3GB of Emergency Quota is ready to keep you ‘alive’ and connected at a controlled speed at 128kbps.

  You will be able to get wayyy more Data, Call and SMS by activating Add-Ons of your choice.

Our service has a Grace Period of thirty (30) days starting from your plan expiry date. You will not be able to use the outgoing calls and SMSes services but can still receive incoming calls and SMSes. Data-wise, you will still be connected to data capped at 150MB running on full speed. More than enough to renew your plan.


If you don’t renew the plan once the grace period is over, it’s considered that your account is Suspended, meaning you can no longer receive incoming calls and SMS. If you still don’t buy a new plan once the Suspension Period is over (90 days after the plan expires), it is considered that you have terminated the service and you lost your number.